Exit Strategy - Ireland

Are you considering developing an exit strategy, i.e. selling your business in Ireland?

If so, then it is worth noting, that are many different aspects to think about. It is important to align both personal and business goals, to ensure the sale of your business will be a worthwhile process. 

Key areas of the business should be considered, so that they can be identified and taken care of. To maximise the value of your business, the day to day running of the company should be operated by someone other than the owner, as this reduces the element of risk for the buyer. When planning for your sale, it is also essential to look at what objectives you wish to achieve, and what strategies you will use to achieve them. 

Getting an independent valuation on your business is a great way to realistically assess whether it is a good time to sell, receive tax advice and to judge whether offers are reasonable. A valuation report can also help with price negotiations, if an owner receives an offer below what they expected. 

There are several ways to exit a business, and business owners need to consider the pros and cons of each possible situation.

Go For Brokers has a shortlist of independent third party accountants / tax consultants, who you can contact to see if they are suitable for your specific business valuation or tax planning needs. Contact us here.

Disclaimer: We do not provide any tax planning or business valuation services. We are happy to provide you with a list of providers for you to consider for your requirements. When you’re ready to sell your business Go For Brokers will be happy to bring your business to market confidentially.