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What Kind of Businesses Do We Sell?

At Go For Brokers – Ireland, we help to sell businesses, primarily software, IT, and SaaS businesses. We also sell service related businesses and manufacturing businesses.  Go For Brokers’ approach means you can relax in the knowledge that your IT or Software business sale, or other sectoral business sale can be handled confidentially and professionally.

If you are looking for a way to sell your IT or Software business, and sell your business for a good price, read about Go For Brokers’ approach here.

GoForBrokers - A Sell Side M&A Firm

We focus on business sales. We work on the business owner’s behalf to help them secure the most suitable buyer for their business and realise a good price for their business.

A Little Bit of History on Go For Brokers’ Move to Becoming a Business Broker for Software Businesses:

Up until the middle of 2020, GoForBrokers largely sold businesses in a whole array of sectors in Ireland but, with the successful sale of some IT and Software businesses, along with our skill sets, we decided Software, SaaS, IT and Ecommerce business sales would be a better area to focus on both within Ireland ( and Internationally ( – coming soon).

When we have a business for sale, we work with the vendor to prepare an Information Memorandum containing details of that business which could be of interest to a potential buyer. We offer a tailored approach to each client sale and engage with the vendor at certain points throughout the process to establish what information is made available and at what point.

If you are interested in buying a software or SaaS business contact us here for further information.

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